• The day before Ascension: Loophole 08-05-2024

    After a party-packed edition at het PAARD, we are back in the venue where it all started: De Helling.

    On Wednesday 8 May, we kick off again with a brand new edition of Loophole. The day after is a bank holiday, so you can recover nicely from a night of raw fierce beats!

    Line up

    “It’s all rave” is what we stand for with Loophole.
    We have the day before a public holiday, a solid line up with acts that will take you on a journey through acid, techno, tekno, core, rave & more.

    Click on the performer to hear roughly what to expect on Wednesday 8 May.

    De Helling
    Utrecht’s finest venue, on the outer edge of this beautiful city centre.

    Loud + clear sound, an extensive beer card, friendly staff and the bouncers are hosts instead of Berghain clones. De Helling is the perfect venue for a rave for everyone!

    – Doors open at 23:00. At 06:00, you are kindly requested to go outside.

    Tickets are 15 Euro in presale.
    This includes fee!

    – De Helling has free parking spaces in the direct area during Loophole.

    Utrecht Vaartsche Rijn Station is practically next to De Helling.

    Utrecht Central Station is 2 minutes by train/tram or 5 minutes by bus. If nothing runs, don’t worry: you can walk from De Helling to Utrecht Central.

    Train/bus/tram will get you home easily, even if you live in Groningen or Maastricht!

    – There are bike racks at the door, handy if you like cycling.

    Rotsoord, the area where De Helling is located, has some fine cafes nearby where you can grab a drink ahead of our rave.

    A few of our tips are:
    Taplokaal Gist
    Klein Berlijn
    Brothers In Law Taphouse
    There are also some fine bars/restaurants where you can eat in advance.

    – As mentioned earlier, De Helling sits on the edge of Utrecht’s city centre. Neude and all the other hotspots are not far away.

    In short, your evening starts even before you enter Loophole!

    Follow us on Instagram & Facebook for the latest info.
    Our page at De Helling is also a good place for updates.

    See you on Wednesday, 8 May – It’s All Rave!