• Friday 26 January: timetable + info Loophole

    No stereotypical thinking, no hassle about a vague dress code, no Berghain queue nonsense, phat sound + neat visuals: the no nonsense rave where you get value for your money: Loophole.

    For Friday 26th of January in de Helling, we list the whole shebang.

    23:00 – 00:30 Reflect & Fer-D
    00:30 – 01:30 030303
    01:30 – 02:45 Falhaber
    02:45 – 03:45 Sifres
    03:45 – 05:00 Collision
    05:00 – 06:00 Vexer

    To get you in the mood, Fer-D & Reflect have created a promo mix:

    Reflect + Fer-D – promo mix for Loophole 26-01-2024 @ De Helling – Utrecht – NL

    You can listen to recordings of the previous edition here.

    Neude is walkable, Cafe Ledig Erf & Café de Rat are nearby and Brothers In Law Taphouse x Taplokaal Gist x Klein Berlijn are literally around the corner.
    Utrecht Central Station is not so far away and Utrecht Vaartsche Rijn Station is just a few dance steps away.

    If you live in the Randstad or Amersfoort: night trains also run from Utrecht Centraal.
    If your home is in Maastricht or on the line towards Groningen, you can catch the night train from Schiphol.
    If you stay until the end, it’s ideal to come by public transport anyway: the first “normal” trains depart from Utrecht CS around 06:00 to all the corners of the Netherlands.

    If you come by car: there are parking spaces next to de Helling and in the area of this free spirit pop venue.
    Do you use a bike? You can tie your bicycle to the appropriate racks.

    Presale is through de Helling.
    Press here and you can buy a ticket.

    In addition, we also have door sales.

    All updates can be found on our Facebook page and on Instagram.
    Do you have any questions? Then you can contact us there.

    Until next Friday, 26 January, enter the Loophole!